April 1, 1986, Richard and Linda Miller started a plastics design and consulting firm with the intent of expanding into a plastics injection molding manufacturer. Richard began in the molding industry as a swing shift machine operator while attending graduate school in 1970. The company he worked for was a small tool and die shop with twelve employees, one die cast machine and one old plunger plastic molding machine. Over the next sixteen years he held the position of leadman, foreman, production manager, general manager (part owner), and vice-president, while doing all outside sales. The company grew to over $7,000,000 in annual sales and 110 employees.

In July 1986, a financial partner was found who invested enough capital to make it possible for PRe Plastics to rent our first facility in Auburn, CA and purchase the first molding machine, a 300 ton Van Dorn. Our first customer was Mohn Ski Racks, for whom we still have the pleasure of providing all their plastic molding needs. Thirty years later we’ve gone through multiple expansions and currently reside in our 70,000 sq. ft. facility, sustaining long-term relationships with our customers and molding hundreds of engineered products.

PRe Plastics is known for its ability to tackle difficult design, mold making, and manufacturing challenges. It is essential that the manufacturer assist the customer in designing a product that can be produced at the lowest possible cost while exceeding the expectations of the customer. Our engineering expertise and innovative solutions are foundational to who PRe Plastics is as a company.