Garlic Twister




Consumer goods


Handheld garlic mincer


Design injection molded parts to be assembled into a handheld kitchen device for mincing garlic


  • Design a substantial part with the look and feel of glass while minimizing wall sections to minimize production cycle time
  • Capable of mincing garlic with a twisting motion, using two rows of unbreakable teeth
  • Capable of mass producing at a low cost with minimal upfront tooling expense


  • Designed a two-piece top half, hollow and watertight, that looks and feels like glass, to eliminate excess plastic and maintain reduced cycle time
  • Water-clear, tough material was chosen to achieve the glasslike properties, provide substantial strength for the teeth and permit friction fit of the twist top without stress-cracking
  • Multi-cavity, family tool was built and a custom, at-the-machine assembly system was constructed to achieve the necessary price point


After a decade of production and hundreds of thousands of units sold, PRe Plastics is still providing a valuable partnership in the ongoing development of new generations of the “Garlic Twister”.