Celebration Arrangements


Celebration Arrangements




Create a free-standing support system for balloon/floral arrangements


Design injection molded parts to replace extruded and injection molded parts currently made in China, while improving the overall design, function and price point. Develop a new and functional product line.


  • Convert low tolerance extruded and repurposed parts to consistently durable, fitted components
  • Mold key parts flat for packaging purposes that possess a folding hinge to work at 90 degrees when assembled, in a clear, concealable material
  • Design many new features in all new parts, maintaining a low price point


  • Replaced extruded parts with injection molded parts possessing high tolerance mating features necessary for an acceptable final product
  • Designed a folding hinge system with enough strength to endure the lifespan of the product with the ability to be molded flat for packaging purposes
  • Selected a Block Copolymer Styrene to achieve the necessary strength and durability, yet enough flexibility for the hinge. Its clarity made it ideal for concealment
  • Built an aluminum family tool containing 20 cavities, in-house, to meet the tooling budget, as well as provide the targeted price point for the part set


PRe Plastics provided a total project solution, in-house, for design, development, tooling and production for Celebration Arrangements.