Meadow Burke

Concrete Rebar Tuff Chair


Meadow Burke




Develop a low cost, yet high performance product for application within concrete construction to support rebar.


PRe Plastics worked directly with Meadow Burke’s engineering team to develop a product from post-consumer recycled plastic.


Overcome the brittleness of standard recycled plastics, while achieving desired strength and minimal footprint in concrete.


PRe Plastics worked with Meadow Burke engineers to develop a co-patented design, plus developed a custom material formula using additives to strengthen the recycled plastic. This patented design, along with the custom formula, met the customer’s need for strength, durability, and cosmetics, while achieving cost targets.


PRe Plastics provided a total in-house project solution for design, development, tooling, and production for Meadow Burke, beginning a relationship that has spanned more than a decade. Additionally, millions of pounds of plastic have been diverted from landfills due to our design incorporating post-consumer recycled plastics for these products, resulting in both a cost effective and socially responsible solution.


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