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Altergy Systems




Altergy, a manufacturer of emission-free fuel cells, requested that PRe Plastics take over production of their fuel cell frame manifold from a manufacturer in China who was not meeting quality standards.


Work with Altergy’s engineers to review the frame’s existing design, develop new tool, and carry out production domestically.


Due to the complexity of the frame, stringent quality requirements, precise measurements, and secondary operations required at customer’s assembly facility, PRe Plastics needed to develop a tool that could consistently provide high quality parts meeting restrictive tolerances.


PRe Plastics’ engineering team carefully reviewed and assessed the existing Altergy design, then designed the mold, identified challenges to overcome in the design, and made critical suggestions for mold modifications without altering key design elements. We were therefore able to manufacture successfully a tool that produced the complex part properly. PRe Plastics not only met dimensional requirements, but improved both aesthetics and product strength.


PRe Plastics is proud to be part of a reshoring effort that brought work back to the United States, saved the customer money in total overall costs, and improved the quality of the product.


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