Global GPS Company


Global GPS Company


GPS Navigation


A global, multi-billion dollar organization specializing in GPS navigation systems needed to develop housings, radomes, latches, and other accessories for multiples families of GPS equipment.


The company produces a wide range of GPS surveying equipment for use in multiple applications—construction, agriculture, fleet management, and environmental services, to name a few. PRe Plastics was asked to partner with the customer’s design and engineering teams to optimize parts for the injection molding process.


PRe Plastics needed to develop and employ designs and materials that would not interfere with GPS communications, but would also be durable enough to withstand rigorous usage, extreme weather conditions, and rugged environments in multiple applications.


For more than 20 years, PRe Plastics has worked hand-in-hand with the customer to develop and perfect solutions for each application. As an extension of the customer’s engineering team, PRe Plastics assisted in multiple product designs and creation of customized materials. At the customer’s request, PRe Plastics has also accepted and taken on production using molds made by other manufacturers, altering them to improve design, performance, and product quality. Additionally, PRe Plastics provides a wide array of molding and secondary operations, ranging from overmolding and insert molding, to pad printing, custom painting, and assembly of parts.


Our longstanding relationship of 25 years is due to PRe Plastics’ commitment to partnering with the customer’s engineering team to develop long-lasting products, our consistent high-quality performance, and our efficient turnaround for tooling and production. Out of dozens of suppliers nationwide, PRe Plastics is one of only two providers to achieve the rank of Preferred Supplier and continues to be a primary choice for new projects.